[mythtv-users] bug report

James Armstrong james at thearmstrongs.org
Thu Sep 9 20:47:40 EDT 2004

I have an issue with v 0.16.20040906-1 (cvs). I went to record a hd 
program so I could test the display resolution switching code. I went to 
Watch TV, then used the EPG to change to my PBS-DT channel. It showed 
the program on the screen. I press 'R' to record then the screen went 
blank. I pressed stop and proceeded to the Media Library then to Watch 
Recordings. The listing showed the program I just selected to record as 
currently recording. I pressed Select to start playback. It did not do 
anything. I tried this a few times then ran mythfrontend with verbose 
playback. When I went to play the program still showing as recording, it 
did not do anything again.

The log showed myth:// could not  be found.

I then logged into my backend and looked at the log. Here is what it showed:

2004-09-09 20:18:07 Started recording "Ayers Rock, a Naked Planet 
Special" on ch
annel: 3009 on cardid: 3, sourceid 3
2004-09-09 20:18:07 scheduler: Last message repeated 1 times
2004-09-09 20:18:07 scheduler: Schedule Change
2004-09-09 20:18:10 Maximum signal strength detected: 61% after 5500 
msec wait
2004-09-09 20:18:10 Changing from None to RecordingOnly
2004-09-09 20:18:12 Maximum signal strength detected: 62% after 5500 
msec wait
2004-09-09 20:18:12 Signal level too low?
2004-09-09 20:18:12 Tuning Error -- aborting recording
2004-09-09 20:18:12 Finished recording Ayers Rock, a Naked Planet 
Special on cha
nnel: 3009
2004-09-09 20:18:12 scheduler: Finished recording

It looks like the recording was aborted because of the signal strength. 
The program was still marked as being recorded in the database or 
whatever makes the frontend still think it was being recorded.

Part two of the problem was I could not get it to record again without 
jumping through hoops. I moved the antenna and was able to watch it in 
Live TV. I press R and the osd showed Recording ..... I went back to the 
Media Library and it was not there. I went back to Live TV then to the 
EPG and press I for the advanced recording screen. I changed it to Do 
not record, then saved, then went back in and changed to Record. It 
shows as a Single recording in the EPG but it was not being recorded. I 
finally went to mythweb and looked in the scheduled and recording 
schedules and did not find it. I went to the Listing and found the 
program with green dotted lines around it. I clicked on it then checked 
the Do Not Record checkbox and saved it. I then went back in and marked 
it as Record then saved and it started recording.

 - James

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