[mythtv-users] Potential Tivo/NetFlix deal for VoD

me at johnwesleythomas.com me at johnwesleythomas.com
Thu Sep 9 18:36:57 EDT 2004


I just caught this little news bite while doing my daily search for news
on the politcal campaigns.  It seems kind of interesting even though it
mentions a few hiccups dealing with Hollywood.


With this feature, Tivo might have a little leg up on the rest of the PVR
industry including MythTV.  Has there been any discussion concerning Video
on Demand (VoD) within MythTV?  Maybe the topic has already been brought
up, but a quick search on the archives didn't turn up anything.

Anybody have any thoughts concerning adding VoD to MythTV?  Are there any
subsciption services out there that can provide large soft libraries of
movies at this time or will NetFlix be the first major player?  Maybe
NetFlix will expand the project to include general PC eligability for
movie downloads, such as a MythTV node.  Just a thought. ;-)

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