[mythtv-users] How to reply - Part 2

Fred fred at blackhole.riot.eu.org
Thu Sep 9 18:15:57 EDT 2004

Thank you all for showing me the various ways to reply.

Now I know enough to add the following bit of information.
I choose to read the messages one-at-a-time my bringing up
the archive of messages for a particular month.

I'll pause here while those who might wish to say,
(under their breath of course) "Fred is a dummy".
And you would be perfectly correct to think so.

I value a nearly spam-free mailbox SO MUCH, that I prefer
to read the messages one-at-a-time and avoid e-mail of all kinds.

I am old enough to remember that when the telephone was invented
people called it "An instrument of the devil".  I kind of feel the
same way about e-mail.  I use e-mail to order DVDs, books, and stuff.

Until the mailing list allows direct replying, as in USENET, I'll
have to do the best I can to indicate some connection to earlier
entries in the list.

Thanks again for letting me know about all the various ways in use
for replying.

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