[mythtv-users] RE DVD Rips Disappearing

Bruce Ruona bruona at chartermi.net
Thu Sep 9 16:12:46 EDT 2004

On Thu, 2004-09-09 at 10:12, thor wrote:
> 	If it is anything other than a "Perfect" rip, the transcode command line
> should appear in the mtd log (beginning with the phrase: "transcode
> will be: "). Not really sure what the problem is here. Are you sure you're
> not just doing a perfect rip?

>Yeah, I'm sure I'm picking excellent rip. FWIW, MythDVD deletes all
>files (VOB directory, twopass.txt) when it claims to finish the
>transcode. Here is the transcode command line from the log:

>22:12:46: transcode command will be: transcode -i
>/pub/media/tmp/KILL_BILL_VOL2/vob/ -g 720x480 -f 0,1 -M 2 -V -y xvid -A
>-N 0x2000 -o /pub/media/movies/KILL_BILL_VOL2.avi --print_status 20
>--color 0 -R 2,twopass.log
>00:09:39: job finished succesfully: job dvd 1 1 2 1 -1

>'/pub/media/movies/KILL_BILL_VOL2*' doesn't exist. Can I just do a
>perfect rip and than run that through transcode? I had noticed some
>other processes running (tccat, tcdemux, tcextract, etc). Didn't know if
>transcode took care of calling them or not.

running Myth suite 15.2 from RPM's here, have upgraded to all latest
versions of trancode etc as of a few days ago...70+ Gigs free on
storage/Temp Drive...

I'm encountering the same Exact problem strangely enough.  I Ripped 4 DVD's
a few days ago, two of them worked Fine, however the other two disappeared
into thin air....

Tried both Perfect, and excellent quality rips on the two failed DVD's with
the same result...note that even though I can't Rip these under Myth, I can
play them fine under Myth...

I thought that this might be a region encoding issue as the two failed DVD's
were in German/French with English subtitles.  I've since tried ripping the
two failed DVD's on my windows system, and I run into an "authentication
failure". which leads me to believe that these may have some form of copy
protection (macrovision?? something else??)

I'll be doing some more investigating on this in the next couple of days,
hope we can find a solution ..
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