[mythtv-users] DVD Rip disappearing

m0j0.j0j0 m0j0 at foofus.net
Thu Sep 9 13:59:08 EDT 2004

On Thu, 2004-09-09 at 12:15, thor wrote:
> On Thursday 09 September 2004 12:49 pm, Dan Morphis wrote:
> > I'm having the same problem as "m0j0.j0j0". 

heh. I should really have subscribed a more normal-named account back in
the day. Oh well.

> 	I'm assuming transcode is crapping out at some point, but I won't know until 
> m0j0.j0j0 comes back with transcode-by-hand attempt.

I may have some other issue going on. The perfect rip on this DVD failed
for me. When I checked on it, it was creating the file and had it at
about 600MB and growing. I went back later and the file was gone. Here's
the log:

11:41:10: launching job: job dvd 1 1 0 1 -1
11:41:10: job thread beginning to rip dvd title
11:51:43: Error: Couldn't write blocks during a rip. Filesystem size
exceeded? Disc full?
11:51:46: job failed: job dvd 1 1 0 1 -1

This "disc full" message is a new error for me. It's writing to a Samba
share which shows 100+ Gig free. I'll set it to use a local directory
and try it again. Very slooow changing stuff in the MythDVD GUI over
SSH. We need a nice ncurses interface or something. ;)

Joe/m0j0/m0j0.j0j0/JoMo/whatever you wish to call me/

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