[mythtv-users] Should I upgrade my Mythbox to FC2?

Justin The Cynical cynical at penguinness.org
Thu Sep 9 02:19:50 EDT 2004

Jarod Wilson wrote:


> Things are still a bit hairy with FC2 (compared w/FC1), esp. in the ivtv 
> arena. However, FC1 goes end-of-life before much longer... It's supposed to 
> get picked up by Fedora Legacy, but FL is kinda dead in the water at the 
> moment... Still, I'd probably just wait until you have a compelling reason to 
> upgrade.

And on a related note, I originally set up my Myth box using the great 
guide for FC1 (damn near plug and play Jarod, I can't express how 
impressed and pleased I am with your guide).

Now that Myth .16 is coming out soon (and does it ever look like a worth 
while upgrade), is firing up a shell and using something to the effect 
of update mythtv going to work, or would updating world be better?  Once 
  the MythTV RPM $DEITY is able to update it to the latest version, of 
course.  :-)


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