[mythtv-users] Should I upgrade my Mythbox to FC2?

1canuck2 1canuck2 at sympatico.ca
Thu Sep 9 01:12:29 EDT 2004

I went through some pain with my MythTV setup on FC2 and managed to complete 
it the same day Jarod released his FC2 instructions... if only I had 
discovered MythTV two weeks later. Anyway, I couldn't have done it without 
some serious help from folks on this list and a couple of message boards. It 
seems that now its done, I have a stable and well performing MythTV setup, 
which makes me relieved.

If things are working for you on FC1, and you are not missing anything that 
is only provided by FC2, then I'd strongly recommend staying on FC1.

Of course, you can always wait for Jarod's MythTV setup guide for FC3 and 
leapfrog the whole FC2 guide on which he just worked so hard  ;-)

I think that other than my stupidity/Linux learning curve, the toughest 
challenge I had getting things going on FC2 was in discovering that the Bios 
setting "Plug and Play OS = Yes" should actually be "Plug and Play OS = No" 
for Myth to work - stupid IRQ sharing (when its set to Yes) just would not 
work with Myth, yet the capture card worked outside of Myth.

No-one else seems to have had (or more importantly documented) this problem 
in an easy to find fashion and it took some serious digging to realize this 
is what was causing Myth to die on record/Watch TV.


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