[mythtv-users] mythweb : dupes, deacts & conflicts unchecked initially

Chris Petersen lists at forevermore.net
Thu Sep 9 01:02:46 EDT 2004

> I'd like help understanding why this diff made dupes, deacts & conflicts
> initially unchecked, but the setting doesn't seem to be effective
> until you check it again, then manually uncheck it.

It's because the javascript is poorly written.  it only makes the 
changes "on click"...   calling changevisible() on page load would solve 
that problem.

> I just get a little tired of un-checking them each time I click "Don't
> record" etc.

Unfortunately, I like to see everything (especially since I often like 
to rearrange recordings so they're not back to back)

> Maybe it could be made sticky like a session variable stored in
> php_sessions/?

This is planned.  Actually, a complete rewrite of those checkboxes has 
been planned, so they work without javascript..   Just haven't gotten 
around to it yet.


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