[mythtv-users] PVR-250 Model 975 vs. Model 980

mark fairlane at springcom.com
Wed Sep 8 23:31:01 EDT 2004

Well I ordered one, so we'll see when it shows up.

On Wednesday 08 September 2004 12:25 pm, Michael T. Dean wrote:
> On 09/08/2004 09:58 AM, Justin Hart wrote:
> >I saw the same deal yesterday, how does one know that it is not the
> >blackbird design?
> The only way to know is to buy it, and take a look at the card (or for
> someone on here to buy it and report back to the list :).  The blackbird
> has two big square Conexant chips in the lower right corner (
> http://www.shspvr.com/pvr_model/haup_roslyn.jpg ) and is in the 28xxx
> series.  Note that the Blackbird design is a PVR-250MCE, but
> unfortunately, some of the ads on the 'net don't realize that there's a
> difference, and call PVR-250MCE's PVR-250's.
> If you get a picture of the card and purchase from a vendor that shows
> actual pictures of the product (instead of "close-enough" pictures),
> that can help.  If you can call the vendor and ask for the series number
> on the WinTV sticker on the tuner, you will know.  If the vendor says,
> "works with Linux/MythTV," you can be reasonably certain.
> Fortunately, the Roslyn cards (that use the Blackbird design) are only a
> small percentage of the PVR-250's out there, so if you play the odds,
> you probably won't get one.  :)  Besides, isn't that what eBay is for?
> You can always pawn it off to some Win-doh-s user.  And, you could
> always try the cx88-blackbird patch (
> http://www.foks.8m.com/cx88-blackbird.html ) for BTTV.
> Mike
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