[mythtv-users] XvMC and CVS

dean vanden heuvel deanv at cox.net
Wed Sep 8 19:09:36 EDT 2004

Please help with a question...

I sent a message to this board some months ago, probably asking for too much help, as I got no reply at all.  I have managed to piece together most of what I need to know about resolutions, interlace vs. progressive, MPEG-encoding, etc.  I have been running with Mythtv 0.15 for some time, using an interlaced output mode (1080i) to drive my DLP TV, and using XvMC.  XvMC did not allow any deinterlace, so this 1080i mode was necessary.  I recently switched to the CVS (hoping that newly added deinterlace for XvMC would be what I needed) to use the 720p mode of my TV, but I am not altogether pleased with the XvMC output.  I tried to return to the interlaced mode, but now, XvMC output looks very bad when using an interlaced mode.

question...is there a way to turn off ALL deinterlace in the current CVS version of the code?


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