[mythtv-users] TV-Out with GeForce4 MX420 S-Video

webmaster at unknownprogrammer.com webmaster at unknownprogrammer.com
Wed Sep 8 13:45:41 EDT 2004

I've spent several days searching, and haven't been able to resolve my
issues...I have everything running fine with MythTV on my computer
monitor...I now want to switch it to be tv-only...and when I plug in the
s-video I either get nothing, or when using various xorg.conf
configurations I've found online for "similar" cards...but usually not the
same card, it gets close, but it won't work perfectly...I get horizontal
lines that scroll from top to bottom very slowly for a while, then very
fast for a while (it looks like when tracking is bad on an old vcr).

Now my question is if anyone is using this card for tv-out, and what is
your xorg.conf configuration?  i have the latest version of the Nvidia
drivers (6111) installed, and they work for everything else...I get the
nvidia splash when starting X up.

Any help will be great, if you need to see my xorg.conf file that gets it
close let me know...I'm fairly new to linux, so I don't really know what
any of the settings I added to that are, or what they mean.

I'm sure you'll need more information, I don't have it as I'm at work at
the moment, but I will post anything else that's needed when I get home,
just let me know.

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