[mythtv-users] Re:Exporting NUV files to Xvid/Divx (nuvexport)

Chris Petersen lists at forevermore.net
Wed Sep 8 12:49:41 EDT 2004

> Here is my output of tcprobe on a NUV...
> gentoo store # tcprobe  -i 1003_20040905215700_20040905223000.nuv
> [tcprobe] MPEG packetized elementary stream (PES)
> [tcprobe] summary for 1003_20040905215700_20040905223000.nuv, (*) = not
> default, 0 = not detected
>       audio track: -a 0 [0] -e 48000,16,2 [48000,16,2] -n 0x50 [0x2000] (*)
>                    PTS=45272.4772, bitrate=256 kbps
> detected (7) presentation unit(s) (SCR reset)
> Is this all you need? If not I could record a couple of seconds of a show
> and upload it to my web server? That would not be too large? I'm not sure
> how else to get the information out of the file...

The problem with that is that it didn't find a video track.  Which means 
that tcprobe doesn't understand your mpeg stream format.


PS.  Please leave the "nuvexport" in the subject -- otherwise it won't 
get filed and might get lost

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