[mythtv-users] howto prevent console from going to tvout

Asciimonster asciimonster at myrealbox.com
Wed Sep 8 12:06:13 EDT 2004

Fa Yoeu wrote:

> <>I was wondering if anyone knows how to prevent the console from being
> directed to tvout. 

I think that is currently not supported. It is a miracle that the PVR 
350's tvout can even show X at all. Originally it was only made to show 
some OSD (On Screen Display; to overlay some menu thingy's over the 
playback) and NOT as a full fleshed graphics card.

> <>Currently I am using the tvout on the PVR350.
> However when things go bad and I lose my networking, I can't get into
> the system to debug it. I want console to go to the monitor and tvout
> to be used for X. Is this possible or a serial console is the only
> solution?? Thanks.

I run mythtv in a windowmanager (specifically Windowmaker) with mutiple 
desktops. That way I can swap between desktops where I can run console 
terminals (xterm). This only works when myth is not in playback mode. 
It's also a good idea to have a spare monitor at hand, just in case.

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