[mythtv-users] Strange colors

Krunoslav Pisacic k.pisacic at vip.hr
Wed Sep 8 08:53:28 EDT 2004


I have strange problem using Mythtv with plain BTTV (Mentor TV-99) Card. Most of the time recorded image is fine, but sometimes i
get slight greenish picture (see http://web.vip.hr/k.pisacic.vip/green.jpg ). It can be reproduced (more often on some channels)
simply by entering live tv and exiting to Myth menu repeatedly.

I have tried setting different card types and tuner - but no luck. Does PLL option have effect to color decoding? Should I roll back
to bttv 0.7 (can it be done)? Because i dont see it happen in xawtv i begin to suspect it have something to do with myth. is it a
myth issue or v4l/bttv issue?

Does anyone have expirience with such problem? Please help.

System spec. are:

Hardware: Pundit box, plain BTTV 878 card, SIS TV-out
OS: Fedora Core 1
Kernel: 2.4.22-1.2188.nptl_48.rhfc1.at
MythTV: 0.15.1-74.rhfc1.at
Video4Linux 2 module: 20040513_184431-44.rhfc1.at BTTV module: 0.9.15_20040513_184431-44.rhfc1.at

Best Regards,


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