[mythtv-users] Best setup for stability

Tim Tait t.tait at comcast.net
Tue Sep 7 12:11:33 EDT 2004

You can try 2.4.27, it has fixes for the nForce2 chipset. Also, try 
turning off the "CPU Disconnect" bit, in the BIOS if you can, if not, 
use "athcool off".


Robert Goodkin wrote:

>Here is a hardware list
>Nforce2 ULTRA400 MB
>AthlonXP 2500+
>512M Ram
>LeadTek Winfast TV Deluxe
>Onboard Sound
>Nvidia Geforce2 something with TV-out
>Having some nasty stability problems with this setup. 
>The backend dies unexpectedly and actually takes the
>system with it.  Run gentoo and was trying to use an
>older 2.4.x kernel.  Wondered if a 2.6.x variant might
>be any better?
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