Fw: [mythtv-users] More FC2 MythTV problems...

1canuck2 1canuck2 at sympatico.ca
Mon Sep 6 19:57:43 EDT 2004

Okay, so no biggie on the root thing then, just checking out anything I can 
think of that is causing my problems.

The one big thing I did do today was to change my BIOS from "Plug and Play 
OS = Yes", to "No" which changed a bunch of IRQ settings for my PCI devices 
(and made my sound card beep continuously until I lowered the "capture" 
column to zero in Alsamixer).

Anyway, in hindisght, it was quite possibly this that was the reason it is 
now working better than before.  I saw some older threads on the Gossamer 
archive to do with IRQs and wacky IRQ numbers due to IRQ sharing. I checked 
it out on my machine and sure enough, the IRQs were all up in the 100s, so I 
switched that BIOS setting.

I have just recorded three different shows, and I am certain they have 
recorded successfully as the preview window shows video content. If I select 
watch recording the audio plays back, but again no video.

Just curious, but what is different in Myth than the cat /dev/video0/mplayer 
method of viewing PVR-250 input? Because the card worked fine with Plug and 
Play OS = yes through that method. Plus, the TV playback is still not 
working properly in Myth anyway, but its probably something simple, since 
the TV signal is actually being captured (if the preview screen's little 
video and the audio on watch live TV are anything to go by).

I am soo close I can taste, I just can't see it yet. ;)

I'll hunt around a little later to see if others have had this latest 
problem, I am hoping it is just some simple fix now. For example, I am 
watching on a computer monitor, not my video card's TV Out. Do I have to do 
something to switch one or the other off and on or are they both on by 



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