[mythtv-users] Re: Re: Cannot set a recording

Michael J. Sherman msherman at dsbox.com
Mon Sep 6 18:38:34 EDT 2004

 >> If you want to use the left/right style, all I ask is that it not be
 >> wrapped up into a listbox widget. That is, I think, what is
 >> fundamentally broken about this new style.
 >I personly think you're overstating the problem. The problem is the
 >lack of visual indicators to show you that you can move left or right
 >and that's being fixed.

The problem is not just the lack of left/right indicators.  I think the 
whole style is not quite right and not intuitive.

I understand that you want to justify the new interface style; that's 
natural for any developer.  At work I'll justify code changes till I'm 
blue in the face, but that doesn't mean they're always right.  Sometimes 
a change isn't always for the better, and my *opinion* is that this 
change is for the worse.  But that's just my opinion.  I've only been 
developing user-facing software for 6 years now, so what do I know?

With that I'll just shut up now.  I think I've tried to lay out my case 
as to why I think that new style is bad.  If you choose not to agree, 
that's fine!  In the spirit of open-source software I'm lending a voice 
to try to improve the product.  Please don't take this any other way.  I 
love my Myth box quite a bit, and have "converted" four friends to also 
set one up for themselves.  There's so much potential in MythTV that I 
just want to make sure nothing detracts from the amazing software.


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