[mythtv-users] PVR350 and SPDIF

James Satterfield jsatter at uberduper.com
Mon Sep 6 17:54:03 EDT 2004

>I've done it - it's almost pointless :)
>It would mean that I can leave my amp set to spdif input and use my myth 
>box to manage the volume.
>essentially run:
>  arecord -D hw:0,0 -fdat | aplay -D mixed-digital 
>in the background.
>(I don't think you can 'passthru' - as James says, you do need to sample
>and retransmit.
>It's not a realistic solution - but you can do it ;)
>PS and you can't hw decode the mpeg and extract the digital sound and send
>it straight to the spdif AFAIK - maybe sometime in ivtv's future.
>Or maybe you could synchronise a sw decode of just the mp2 stream - but why

Well my goal is to be able to watch DVDs with 5.1 and be able to watch TV
without having to switch the inputs on the stereo. My home theatre setup
doesn't really allow the audio source and video source to not match up since
I use the receiver to switch the video source along with the audio.
Myth, DVD, Tivo, Karaoke all run A/V into the receiver and I run A/V from
the receiver to the TV. It limits me to composite everywhere, but it's super


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