[mythtv-users] Audio Funkyness

Erik Bernhardson journey4712 at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 6 16:55:52 EDT 2004

Ok, well i've been trying to get mythtv setup and its
95% there, just the audio hates me.

I have a bt878  that is supported by btaudio, and
works properly through sox(analog only, digital does
nothing).  I can pull audio over the PCI bus and
listen to it with sox, no problem.

But if i try and do it with MythTV, the audio sounds
as if its played at double rate.  Further
investigation reveals several interesting tidbits.  

After using mythtranscode to rip the audio out of the
.nuv files, i found that it wasn't being recorded into
mp3 format.  The file is being saved in raw PCM
format.     I tripple-checked the frontend
configuration and it is set to mp3, 32000hz.  ldd
`which mythfrontend` also shows that it is properly
linked to libmp3lame, version 3.96.1.  This stumps me,
but isn't the current main problem.

Now back to the orrigional problem.  MythTV is setup
to record at 32000hz.  I turned on the debugging to
btaudio to verify it was being opened at 32000hz, and
mythtranscode reports 32000hz when used, but playing
the raw PCM file at 32000hz gives that same, speedy
sound.  Dropping to 16000 results in proper sound.  I
used bplay(a simple  command line audio player) to do
this part of the testing.

This is all on a debian-unstable box updated
yesterday, with mythtv 0.15.1

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

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