[mythtv-users] Re: Workaround for WM Focus Issues

Stephen Tait tait at digitallaw.co.uk
Mon Sep 6 13:27:55 EDT 2004

At 13:26 06/09/2004, you wrote:
>On 09/06/2004 06:31 AM, Ben Buxton wrote:
>>"Michael T. Dean" <mtdean at thirdcontact.com> uttered the following thing:
>>>/me punts
>>>What follows is an ugly hack.  Continue reading at your own risk.  ;)
>>>I'm using Fluxbox 0.9.x as a WM and have tried RatPoison and TWM.  With 
>>>all three, I have been having a problem that after running xine, 
>>>mythfrontend receives focus, but on certain screens (such as the "Do you 
>>>really want to exit" screen and the Program Guide, among others), there 
>>>are "focus issues."  For example, the exit screen displays with neither 
>>>the Yes nor the No button highlighted and I have to move the mouse to 
>>>"reset" focus so I could select one or the other.  On the Program Guide, 
>>>I am able to move one space in any direction and after doing so the 
>>>arrow keys stop working (but the escape key works fine????) until i 
>>>"reset" focus with the mouse.
>>Perhaps xine doesnt like this (I only use mplayer), but I run mythtv
>>with no window manager at all - I just start the X server manually and
>>have mythtv open immediately in the X server. No window manager and no
>>focus problems.
>Well, I just tried without any WM, and got the same result.  I'm pretty 
>certain it's part of my xine configuration--I just don't know what setting.
>Thanks for the feedback.

Funny, I don't experience any of this. I too am using Flux 0.9 and xine 
with pretty much default options - the only changes I can recall making 
were enabling sloppy focus and turning on the colourpaint option to get 
around that Xv nastiness:

banquo root # cat /home/mythtv/.fluxbox/init
session.screen0.slit.direction: Vertical
session.screen0.slit.autoHide:  false
session.screen0.slit.maxOver:   false
session.screen0.slit.onhead:    0
session.screen0.slit.layer:     Dock
session.screen0.slit.alpha:     255
session.screen0.slit.onTop:     False
session.screen0.slit.placement: BottomRight
session.screen0.tab.alignment:  Left
session.screen0.tab.height:     16
session.screen0.tab.placement:  Top
session.screen0.tab.rotatevertical:     True
session.screen0.tab.width:      64
session.screen0.toolbar.height: 0
session.screen0.toolbar.tools:  workspacename, prevworkspace, 
nextworkspace, iconbar, systemtray, prevwindow, nextwindow, clock
session.screen0.toolbar.visible:        true
session.screen0.toolbar.onhead: 0
session.screen0.toolbar.onTop:  False
session.screen0.toolbar.autoHide:       false
session.screen0.toolbar.widthPercent:   66
session.screen0.toolbar.maxOver:        false
session.screen0.toolbar.layer:  Desktop
session.screen0.toolbar.placement:      BottomCenter
session.screen0.iconbar.mode:   Workspace
session.screen0.iconbar.alignment:      Relative
session.screen0.iconbar.clientWidth:    70
session.screen0.iconbar.usePixmap:      true
session.screen0.fullMaximization:       false
session.screen0.antialias:      false
session.screen0.menuDelayClose: 0
session.screen0.showwindowposition:     true
session.screen0.workspacewarping:       true
session.screen0.edgeSnapThreshold:      0
session.screen0.opaqueMove:     false
session.screen0.autoRaise:      false
session.screen0.rowPlacementDirection:  LeftToRight
session.screen0.menuMode:       Delay
session.screen0.workspaces:     4
session.screen0.imageDither:    false
session.screen0.desktopwheeling:        true
session.screen0.workspaceNames: one,two,three,four,
session.screen0.rootCommand:    mythfrontend
session.screen0.clickRaises:    true
session.screen0.menuAlpha:      255
session.screen0.focusLastWindow:        true
session.screen0.colPlacementDirection:  TopToBottom
session.screen0.strftimeFormat: %k:%M
session.screen0.menuDelay:      0
session.screen0.windowPlacement:        RowSmartPlacement
session.screen0.focusNewWindows:        true
session.screen0.sloppywindowgrouping:   true
session.screen0.focusModel:     SloppyFocus
session.titlebar.left:  Stick
session.titlebar.right: Minimize Maximize Close
session.colorsPerChannel:       4
session.tabs:   true
session.useMod1:        true
session.updateDelayTime:        0
session.doubleClickInterval:    250
session.opaqueMove:     False
session.cacheMax:       200l
session.autoRaiseDelay: 250
session.imageDither:    True
session.ignoreBorder:   false
session.menuFile:       ~/.fluxbox/menu
session.iconbar:        true
session.cacheLife:      5l
session.styleFile:      /usr/share/fluxbox/styles/Meta
session.numLayers:      13
session.keyFile:        ~/.fluxbox/keys

banquo root # cat /home/mythtv/.xine/config | grep paint
# autopaint colour key

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