[mythtv-users] Remote Control: consistent way to load EPG?

Nate Carlson natecars at natecarlson.com
Mon Sep 6 12:30:05 EDT 2004

On Mon, 6 Sep 2004, Donavan Stanley wrote:
> There is a checkbox in the guide settings that you need to turn on to
> enable this behavior.  It says somethign to the effect of "enter changes
> channel".  With this on pressing enter will change the cchannel while
> using the EPG in live TV mode.  However in the non-liveTV mode it will
> still schedule a recording.

Ah, great, didn't even think to look there - should've know.  :)

> You might want to map your "guide" button to the "SHOWGUIDE" (keyboard:
> S) command for Live-TV instead.

What's the difference between SHOWGUIDE and the 'm' key?

Thanks for the help!

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