[mythtv-users] tv_grab_au and mythfilldatabase

David Whyte david.whyte at gmail.com
Mon Sep 6 09:29:05 EDT 2004

I managed to get tv_grab_au running OK last night.  Couple of things I
did wrong are:

- Didn't have it defined in my $PATH
- Didn't have all of the Perl libs (if I remember rightly)

It is also important to note that tv_grab_au requires input from the
command line even when invoked from Myth.  Alt + Tab to the command
line to select your region and input type.

I now have the programs available in the program search page, but
whenever I try and move around in the EPG, I get a "Segmentation


PS - I am a linux newby (3 days) so if this info was useless please explain.  

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 Martin Ravell wrote: 

I'm having some fun getting mythfilldatabase to work with the xml I
pull down from tv_grab_au and would appreciate a hand if there is
anyone out there who has gotten past the same hurdles.


The rig is 2.8GHz, Intel board, FC1, PVR350, install according to
Jarod plus X on the framebuffer. (Thankyou Daniel et al)


>From what I can gather mythfilldatabase wants to run tv_grab_au and
then suck in the generated xml, parse it and stick it in the database.
Is that correct?


I've setup tv_grab_au and have run it successfully to grab
/home/mythtv/.mythtv/Oz.xmltv. (this file now contains a bunch of what
looks to me to be valid XML)


If I try to run mythfilldatabase without any options I get: <> 
<> I've never successfully been able to run tv_grab_au from mythsetup.
 Your best bet is to killall tv_grab_au when MythSetup is trying to
work out the configuration.  Mythsetup will complain about being
unable to retreive channels.  Do the rest of your setup.  When you
exit from Mythsetup, it will prompt you to run mythfilldatabase. 

<>Start off by typing tv_grab_au --configure and follow the prompts to
select the right stations for your area.  Once this is finished, you
will find tv_grab_au.conf in the .xmltv directory.  Copy this to the
.mythtv directory as <source name>.xmltv.  For example, if you defined
your source as "FTA", copy it there as FTA.xmltv.

<>Now you're ready to run mythfilldatabase.

<>Let me know how you go.

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