[mythtv-users] Removing Myth Components

David Whyte david.whyte at gmail.com
Sun Sep 5 11:02:07 EDT 2004

Howdy all.

Well, after reading about Myth and looking at different PVR/Media
Servers etc, I decided to take the plunge (kinda).

Last night I set myself up Mandrake 9.1 running within VMware, so I
can see what this Myth thing is all about.  I want to let you know, I
have never installed a Linux OS before, and have little experience
with it (can you tell I am pretty happy with myself?).

Anyways, I used the 9.1 RPM's to install MythTV 0.12 and some of the
other components but have now gone through and compiled version 0.15
and installed it pretty successfully.  After having a bitch fight with

The problem is that  when I take a look at the EPG (TV >Schedule >
Program Guide) there is nothing shown, and when I use my directional
keys, MythFrontend shuts down and prints out "Segmentation Fault". 
When I go to the other screen and search for my program (TV > Schedule
> Program Finder) the data is present and I can schedule recording and

I have done a little research in these mailing lists and using the
HOW-TO (a great document it is) but cannot find any help on how I can
remove the old 0.12 components (MythNews etc) to see if this is
causing the fault.  Obvisouly I will be compiling and installing the
0.15 versions as soon as I can get this bloody EPG to work.

Sorry for the long post, but I am not going to bed until I get this
one sorted (and it is 1am in Australia atm).

GMAIL is 'da bomb baby....YEAH

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