[mythtv-users] Re: DVD, Picture quality & PVR350

Daniel Savard dsavard at cids.ca
Sat Sep 4 14:01:29 EDT 2004

Le sam 04/09/2004 à 12:58, 1canuck2 a écrit :
> Dumb question, but how do I uninstall something I installed from source?
> I want to try the 107o rpms Axel mentioned, but I installed the ck105k drivers 
> from source. Is it a matter of manually removing everything from the make 
> file, or is there a scripted way.
> I read about a utility called "checkinstall" is this my best bet?
> Robin
> ----

There is no need to uninstall anything in this specific case, since you
will reinstall a later version than the currently installed all the
modules, scripts and programs will be overwritten if you pick the same
options when building.

And if the newer version isn't working properly and you want to go back,
just redo your make install in the previous version directory and it
will overwrite as well the newer stuff with the older.

However, I must conceed this won't work if there is some new bin,
scripts or modules installed with one or the other version. But, I don't
think it's the case with the ivtv driver if you stay with the
0.1.10-pre2 any ckXXXy.

Anyway, for your info. The modules are copied in the
/lib/modules/your_kernel_version/extra directory. The utilities are, by
default, installed in /usr/local/bin.


Daniel Savard


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