[mythtv-users] Some HDTV programs won't play in mythfrontend

Kyle Rose krose+mythtv at krose.org
Sat Sep 4 13:56:44 EDT 2004

Some DTV programs mythbackend captured with my pcHDTV card won't play
in mythfrontend, but play just fine with xine.  This affects both
local and remote frontends.  When I start playback of these programs,
the video proceeds at a very slow pace with choppy audio.  Usually
within 10 seconds, myth exits with an assert failure (Assertion `pcm
&& params' failed).  This behavior seems to affect some DTV channels
more than others.

Not quite sure what's going on here.  Doubtful it's related to my
specific audio setup since (a) xine has no problem with it and (b)
Myth has the same problems both in AC3 passthrough mode and regular
PCM mode.  It could be that the ATSC decoding library used in myth is
much slower than what xine uses: this might explain why I can play a
strict superset of streams on my P4 3.2 that I can play on my dual
Opteron, each processor of which is slower in 32 bit mode

So, basically I'm at a loss to explain this behavior without further
digging.  Any suggestions?


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