[mythtv-users] lirc and mythtv

1canuck2 1canuck2 at sympatico.ca
Sat Sep 4 13:41:57 EDT 2004

lirc and myth are working fine for me as well on FC2 with the latest kernel.

Are you using the correct lircd.conf file for the Hauppage remote? When you 
run irw and press the buttons, the output it generates should correspond to 
the button pressed. i.e. Press the red button and you should get something 
0000000000001fcb 01 RED hauppaugegrey
in reply.

Also, when I first followed Jarod's instructions (albeit on FC2), I swear 
that even though I did
/sbin/service lircd start
It did not autostart after bootup. I checked the box on in the Services GUI 
dialog instead, then it would autorun at boot time.

You can also check your startup log to see if there are any lirc errors at 

I am no expert here, so if this is irrelevant to your troubleshooting, my 


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