[mythtv-users] Re: Does MythTV Obviate a DVD Player?

Sean Cier scier at PostHorizon.com
Fri Sep 3 22:02:58 EDT 2004

Chris Vargas wrote:
> I have run across discs like that: the one I know of
> for sure is my copy of "Spirited Away." Works fine on
> hardware DVDs, does not work with my xine and
> appropriate libraries installed.

As a data point, I watched Spirited Away on my Myth box via xine (atrpms 
build, pretty standard installation) a couple days ago, and it worked 
beautifully.  Could be a your disc was subtly warped/scratched/fogged/etc or 
from a different pressing, or could be due to a different DVD drive, or of 
course a software difference    is possible.  The only disc I've come across 
so far that wouldn't play was Equilibrium -- and that worked via mplayer.

> I'm also very happy with the results with xine
> (especially with post-processing filters), but am not
> exactly ready to pack up my regular DVD player.

I'll echo this sentiment; I'm generally quite happy with DVDs via the Myth 
box, but it's always in the back of my mind that maybe I'll someday get a 
~$100 DVD player as a backup.


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