[mythtv-users] Black borders when output on TV- Any advice? M10000

anders smith anders at smiths.dk
Fri Sep 3 08:46:35 EDT 2004

I don't have myth in front of me at the moment so please bear with me...

If you scroll down in the defaul menuscreen where you can choose between
you get to one that says something like 'setup'.

Select it and you get to a meny where you can choose tv etc.
Choose Tv and you get to a meny where you can choose recording and schedule
as well as playback.....
choose 'playback'.

In there you should on one of the screens find GUI/screen size on one of the
pages as well as position....

All from memory so names are probably wrong, but have a look.
To test it you have to leave the sub menu and Myth rescales the bitmaps, and
to see the position of the video you have to go back to the main TV menu so
it's a little tedious, but it works.

good luck


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> Where would i do that? does that just move mythtv about on the screen
> Could it be to do with modelines? and if so what should i use for a 50hz
> svideo tv
> >>
> Have you tried turning OverScan on and then adjusting the mythtv screens
> myth so that you see the whole >>picture again? I had the same problem on
> one of my tvs and this seemed to fix it (lowering pixel by pixel screen
> in myth and recentering it) rgds anders
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