[mythtv-users] My next Myth box

DTR dtr at edenforge.com
Thu Sep 2 22:02:01 EDT 2004

Jarod Wilson wrote:

> DTR wrote:
>>>> And you want to pay *extra* for that?
>>> Did I, or did I not say: "The price isn't the point"?
>> Was I or was I not talking about the form factor?
> Correct me if I'm wrong, but when you say "pay *extra*"

I thought you were talking about form factor not price, now you want to 
talk about price again?

See how fun it is to clip lines and paint things in an entirely 
different context?

> I didn't say it was small. I said it was smaller than many other 
> televisions. Furthermore, your analogy is less than applicable. Do you 
> get your milk from a whale? No. But I can get my TV viewing done on both 
> a CRT display and LCD display. Comparing different breeds of dogs would 
> be far more apropos.

Different breeds of dogs????   It's and LCD vs LCD with the exact same 
specs and screen real estate.   Maybe you consider a white husky and a 
gray husky to be "different breeds".

>> Who cares if it's small compared to a 30" CRT?   It's not a CRT.
> I didn't compare it to a 30" CRT. I compared it to other TVs. However, I 
> care that its smaller than a 30" CRT.

Hey look its smaller than a bulldozer too which is handy, relevance?

>> I quoted a specific part that has the same specs yet is extremely slim 
>> with a small footprint i.e. what is expected out of an LCD monitor.
> This isn't just a monitor.

Yes we have established that, it's a very expensive ugly brick monitor.

>> One more time, with feeling: I was taking about the form factor. 
>> Ignore the price
> Then quit throwing out prices.

Once again clipping a sentence in the middle to twist my words.

>> What sound does a "1U" make?   1U refers to a form factor commonly 
>> used in rack installations.
> Gee, is that what those things in my server room are...

If you didn't catch it, I was patronizing you.  If it was possible to 
use a baby voice over email, I would have done that as well.

>> It has *ZERO* correlation with how quiet the resulting machine is.
> Smaller form-factors are harder to cool. For example, you can't fit a 
> huge passive heat-sink in a 1U case as easily as you can a 4U and 
> there's less room for air flow. That's not "*ZERO* correlation" if you 
> ask me.

Lets take a look at your brilliant arguement here:

1. small form factors are hard to cool.

2. you can't fit a big heat sink inside a small case.

3. small form factors have very little room for air flow.

now lets tie in:

4. you admire the alienware system for its very small all-in-one form 
factor (see point #1)

Now it stands to reason following this logic that alienware systems 
would be hard to cool.   Maybe they are using some sort of alien cooling 
technology and that's where they get the company name from?     Let's 
keep reading:

> I'm amazed, I bow to your infinite wisdom. But what I said still holds 
> true. Generally, 1U and 2U machines are not very quiet. 

Once again <baby voice>  1U refers to a form factor commonly used in 
rack installations.   <really slow voice meant for slow people>  1U 
refers to a form factor commonly used in rack installations.   <big 
giant letters for the hard of hearing> 1U refers to a form factor 
commonly used in rack installations.

So how quiet is 1U?   Why 0db I'd say.   How quiet is the hard drive 
inside the case?   Hmmm depends on model.  What about the cpu?   Once 
again, depends on what sort of cooler is used.  Are you following me here?

 > I'd like to hear
 > your quiet P4 3.0GHz 1U versus the AlienWare DHD.

Ahh yes, because alienware is not subject to the laws of physics.  They 
also have magical heatsinks that teleport heat off to a far far away 
land where little pixies dance under the moonlight.  Nevermind the fact 
that an all-in-one by its very nature will run hotter than the exact 
same components run seperately.    I suspect I move heat using the same 
technology alienware does:  using fans, heatsinks, heatpipes, liquid 

> A receiver isn't a requirement. The thing has a sound card. Does the 
> sound card in your computer require a receiver to produce sound?

Right, so we've moved from "this alienware system is amazing!!!" to "hey 
it would be good for a bedroom with no amp/receiver/good speakers" as 
your argument crumbles.  Gotcha.

Fact is, it looks like a pretty decent little system.  It's way 
overpriced as is the case with any alienware gear.   I would probably 
recommend it to a rich non-techie friend with more money than brains.

> I'll stop now.

I have a pretty good feeling you won't, you seem like a real "last word" 
kind of gal.

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