[mythtv-users] Particularly weird PVR350 X Output problem

Mario L superm1 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 2 10:14:15 EDT 2004

I'm running a gentoo linux system with an amd athlon xp 2000+, a gig
of ram, and a wintv pvr 350.  When I first put together the system
everything seemed to be working fine, now I mythtv is acting really
odd.  Using the TV out of the PVR350, to X will work for a bit, but
after an undetermined amount of time (it changes every time I use the
machine), it seems like X will just freeze, no mouse movement,
nothing.  I thought I had it narrowed down to skipping too much data
too quickly (like making it go forward 8x or something of that like),
but then I noticed it happening just watching TV on the machine.

My first thought was hey it has to be the software, lets start
recompiling stuff, so that I did.

Here is a basic list of the stuff that I have recompiled:
MythTV .15, all myth plugins, lirc, ivtv, glibc, gcc, ncurses, gdm,
and a few others.

After recompiling, still happening, so I thought maybe faulty kernel,
so I moved up from 2.6.5 to  2.6.7-r11 (both gentoo-dev-sources).

Now the really weird thing is that if X is frozen, the backened is
still working, and if I want the front end to work again, I can ssh
into the system, stop the backend, remove all ivtv related modules,
modrpobe them back, restart the backend, and then restart X, and I am
golden again for a bit.  That last tidbit, makes me think it can't be
any of my hardware, but any body have any ideas which direction for me
to go at this point?

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