[mythtv-users] PVR 350 vs PVR 250?

John Harvey john.p.harvey at btinternet.com
Thu Sep 2 03:19:35 EDT 2004

I'm working on the driver at the moment and it should improve the
performance when only parts of the screen are being updated which may well
help with games. There is still a bug in it at the moment but I should have
something that can be tested in the next day or so. I'll announce it in the
ivtv-dev list so keep an eye out there if you want to give it a try.


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I'm with you.. i've posted on this list many times if you use the X 
driver the PVR350 can playback any type of video format. I watch 
divx/xvid/mpeg2/etc all the time thru my pvr350's tvout and it looks 

now what i *do* have problems with is ROMS, it's not fast enough to keep 
up with any games NES/SNES/MAME but i can live with that.


> I keep hearing this but I'm just not seeing it - I've been running 
> the  0.1.9a ivtv modules and X driver (from 
> http://membres.lycos.fr/badzzzz/)  for 6+ months and my 350 plays back 
> files and DVDs just fine. With "fine"  I mean that they play back at 
> the correct speed, although there is visible  tearing (since the 
> output isn't synced with the TV:s refresh). And even  that depends on 
> when you started the playback, so if you managed to start  it at the 
> exact time that the TV started refreshing a frame you get no  tearing 
> at all (hard to explain).
> Playing DVDs take 15-20% of my P4 2.4GHz using Xine, btw. AVI:s etc. 
> take  less using mplayer.
> / Niklas
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