[mythtv-users] strange error flushing buffer ...

Robert La Ferla robertlaferla at comcast.net
Thu Sep 2 00:57:52 EDT 2004

I am slowly making progress with MythTV.  I fixed the /dev/dsp problem I 
was having which was ALSA related.  The main problem of not being able 
to watch tv (i get a black screen) has not been fixed.  I asked for help 
but no one has responded.  Looking at my log files, I see the following 
which I hope will shed some light on the problem.  Ideas???

2004-09-01 22:40:17 Changing from None to WatchingLiveTV
NVR: v4l2: format set, getting yuyv from v4l, converting
strange error flushing buffer ...
Errm, event socket just closed.
2004-09-01 22:40:22 taking too long to be allowed to read..
2004-09-01 22:40:25 ReadStringList timeout (quick).
2004-09-01 22:40:25 RemoteFile::Read(): No response from control socket.
2004-09-01 22:40:25 RemoteFile::Read() failed in RingBuffer::safe_read().

I am using the latest CVS MythTV on Fedora Core 2 (2.6.8) with (0.0.4 
cx2388x v4l2 driver).  The tuner is a Leadtek Winfast 2000 XP.  I am 
able to watch tv using tvtime but get a black screen with MythTV and xawtv.

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