[mythtv-users] VIDIOCMCAPTURE1 errors using Leadtek TV2000 Expert

andrew boie at mindless.com
Wed Sep 1 17:21:54 EDT 2004

i'm running Gentoo with kernel 2.6.8-gentoo-r3. i have a Leadtek TV2000 
Expert card. as soon as I choose "Live TV" from the mythfrontend, the 
screen goes black and the backend starts spitting out an endless stream of

VIDIOCMCAPTURE0: Invalid argument
VIDIOCMCAPTURE1: Invalid argument
VIDIOCMCAPTURE0: Invalid argument
VIDIOCMCAPTURE1: Invalid argument

tvtime works flawlessly, so i know the card is ok and working. from 
doing a little research i decided to install the CVS snapshot of 
video4linux from bytesex.org. i disabled the v4l modules in the kernel, 
recompiled it, and compiled and installed the cvs video4linux.

unfortunately this didn't fix the problem; i still get the same 

here is my lsmod output
asmodeus:~/video4linux# lsmod
Module                  Size  Used by
tda9887                13316  0
tuner                  20752  0
cx8800                 31884  0
cx88xx                 46864  1 cx8800
i2c_algo_bit           10376  1 cx88xx
video_buf              22532  2 cx8800,cx88xx
i2c_core               24960  4 tda9887,tuner,cx88xx,i2c_algo_bit
v4l1_compat            14724  0
v4l2_common             7168  0
btcx_risc               5640  2 cx8800,cx88xx
sis_agp                 9220  1
nvidia               2076968  8

anyone have any ideas?

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