[mythtv-users] Which tables to alter to remove deadlock?

Mathias Wennberg mathias.wennberg at gavle.to
Wed Sep 1 16:52:18 EDT 2004

Hello David and thank you for your reply

So what I gather is that commflagged isn't at all responsible for my problems? 
That really complicate things as I thought I had the problem nailed down 
since all shows recorded before and after I applied the commercial flagging 
is editable. 
Does anyone has any suggestions of how to remove this editing lock then? I has 
to be something in the DB since the files clearly is locked and they look 
exaclty identical on the filesystem level.

Best regards

On wednesday the 1 september 2004 16.08, David George wrote:
> Someone else will need to reply re: setting commflagged done and not
> being able to edit the show.
> As for the starttime being updated it is probably because starttime used
> to be a timestamp.  This means that whenever the record is updated and a
> value isn't specified for starttime it will be set to the current time.
> This is why you will see sql statements like this:
> update recorded set commflagged = 1, starttime=starttime where
> commflagged = 0;
> This is no longer necessary in the CVS version.
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> David
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