[mythtv-users] Questions about transitioning to new MythBox

Boleslaw Ciesielski bolek-mythtv at curl.com
Wed Sep 1 16:11:32 EDT 2004

Robert Kulagowski wrote:
> In this case it was a 200GB drive; I didn't have any 200GB drives
> available.  I put in a 120GB and an 80GB, hoping that would be
> sufficient, but it wasn't; there was no way to take the extents that
> were on that 200GB drive and migrate them to other drives, even if the
> total number of extents available amongst the various drives was enough
> to do a 1-for-1 replacement.

This is disappointing. Isn't this exactly what pvmove is supposed to do? 
   The man page clearly states that you can move extents to multiple 
destination PVs. Can you elaborate what didn't work?



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