[mythtv-users] recording/playback issues, audio sync

Aaron Zschau aaron at atroxen.com
Wed Sep 1 15:05:11 EDT 2004

I just finished building my first recording mythtv setup and I am having
some minor issues with audio sync.

I seem to have a slight lag between the video and the audio, the audio
seems to always be just a little behind the video.  I think this might
have something to do with the fact that I am using a WinTV GO 190 tuner
card and that I have to record audio through a patch cable between the
tuner and my sound card's line in jack.  Is there a way to adjust for 
sort of lag?

My second problem has to do with playback.  MythTV, mplayer and xine all
have the same problem with displaying blue lines at the edge of the 
namely the top and left edges.  This isn't visible when bright colors 
on the screen but it shows up when the screen is displaying dark colors 
black.  The top line is very visible and somewhat annoying when playing
DVD video or files recorded at 16:9 aspect ratios as the blue line runs
along the top of the video image, not the screen.

Finally, when changing channels there is a loud crackle in the audio
whenever the channel switches, I believe it didn't make that noise when 
was first setting the system up but at some point it started doing it.  
am using the oss sound drivers as I could never get alsa to work with my
onboard audio.

My system is reasonably fast (Athalon XP 2100+, 512 mb ram, geforce2 
card) and the processor isn't very taxed when the system is recording
(less than 10% used during encoding it seems)

any help with any of these issues would be greatly appreciated


Aaron Zschau

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