[mythtv-users] Fedora Core 2 Apt Repo and AtRPMs

Jason Lee mythtv at theleehouse.net
Wed Sep 1 10:29:07 EDT 2004

The HD in my myth box recently died, so, in the process of rebuilding 
it, I installed FC2 (I would have put FC1 on it, but I didn't have the 
media or files handy).  Once the box was up, I installed the 
atrpms-package-config RPM and issued update and dist-upgrade commands. 
I was not able to find, however, any AT kernels or ivtv drivers in the 
repos from the config package.  Am I looking in the wrong place or do 
these not exist?  I've found a non-Jarod FC2 How-To, but that's a purely 
from the source install, and I'd rather use RPMs if I can.  Thanks for 
you help. :)

jason lee
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