[mythtv-users] Stutter with a P3 933Mhz! Gezzz - more STUTTER!

Steven Christall steve.c at clear.net.nz
Wed Sep 1 10:24:02 EDT 2004


You keep concentrating on your CPU .....  Is the CPU fully pegged when 
you get the stutter?  Does the CPU load then drop if you  pause / 
unpause?  Check vmstat to see if you are paging frantically?  I playback 
on a PCI TNT2, using the latest NVidea driver with a P800 and cpu is 
running 40-50% at 720x5xx.  What exactly is this "old nvidia" card?!  
What is the m/b  Is it VIA chipset?  Have you checked the bios to see if 
both caches on the CPU are enabled (even better reset the bios to 
defaults to troubleshoot)


john roberts wrote:

>Lots of great email/feedback.  Thanks everyone.
>Here are the answers to some of the questions:
>- DMA is on (hdparm reports DMA as being on for both the HD and the CDROM)
>- I'm using the latest nVidia driver and is set to Driver "nvidia" in XF86Config
>- I think the Network stuff is 3com and Linksys
>- I've even tried to overclock the CPU to bring it up to 966Mhz (vs. 933)
>So - I'm still confused why I'm getting stutter with NTSC content.  I still have to "pause" and "un-pause" to get it smooth.
>I've even tried changing the AGP setting in XF86Config to use the onboard vs. the nVidia support.  No real change (if at all).
>So - any other ideas?  thanks again everyone for the support.

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