[mythtv-users] Which tables to alter to remove deadlock?

David George david at thegeorges.us
Wed Sep 1 10:08:05 EDT 2004

On 9/1/2004 8:18 AM, Mathias Wennberg wrote:

>Hello Chris
>The problem I see is when I change commflagged, mythtv seams to change the 
>starttime of the show also. This meant that all my 140 shows got the wrong 
>starttime and couldn't be found in the filesystem by system. I manually had 
>to correct this - not so funny (no, I hadn't made an backup, stupid of me).
>However, it doesn't matter which value I set in commflagged. I stil can't edit 
>some shows that where recorded with the option "flag commersial" applied. I 
>also don't get any picture of these in mythweb.
>I have tried to set both 0,1 and 3 on commflagged to these shows and there is 
>no change - except that I manually have to correct the starttime of course. 
>Is there any other field that also have to be corrected?
Someone else will need to reply re: setting commflagged done and not 
being able to edit the show.

As for the starttime being updated it is probably because starttime used 
to be a timestamp.  This means that whenever the record is updated and a 
value isn't specified for starttime it will be set to the current time.  
This is why you will see sql statements like this:

update recorded set commflagged = 1, starttime=starttime where 
commflagged = 0;

This is no longer necessary in the CVS version.

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