[mythtv-users] Videos over 2GB - Xine & MPlayer Problems

Brian Donaldson brian.donaldson at gmail.com
Sun Oct 31 21:58:48 UTC 2004

I'm running into a strange problem with MPlayer and Xine.  All avi
files (DivX and Xvid) under 2GB play fine in Xine and MPlayer. 
However, playing files larger than 2GB result in the following
problems with MPlayer & Xine:

MPlayer - The video and audio play fine, but I cannot fast-forward or
rewind.  While video is playing if I press fast-forward or rewind I
get the following output:

Cannot seek in raw AVI streams. (Index required, try with the -idx switch.)

When I use the -idx switch I get the same results.

Xine - The video is green with some artifacts in the top-left corner. 
I can hear the audio.  After a few seconds of the green video is
switches to the regular video, but it has skipped almost all the way
to the end of the video.  While the video is playing in Xine I get the
following output to the terminal:

vop not coded
warning: first frame is no keyframe
Error at MB: 0
marker does not match f_code
concealing errors
Market bit missing before vop_coded

These video files all play fine in Windows Media Player.  I'm running
Fedora Core 2 with MythTV 0.16 installed from Jarod's excellent
instructions.  I'm on kernel 2.6.8-1.521.  Any help is greatly

Thank you,


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