[mythtv-users] pcHDTV with FX5200 TV-Out

Michael S. Keller samsara at tulsaconnect.com
Sat Oct 30 07:13:48 UTC 2004

johnny at fishcounts.com wrote:
> Are you sure the board is only capable of 2x AGP? Most boards that support
> 1.4ghz celerons usually have 4x AGP slots.

<re-checks manual for ABit BM6>

2x AGP

This board officially maxes out at 533-600MHz. A friend gave me the 
1.4GHz Celeron and an adapter to make it work in my board's socket 370, 
because the combo wouldn't work in anything of his.

I'm open to tweaks to make this faster (preferably without generating 
much more heat, because it's already high and, while I have tools to cut 
holes in my case, I'm not yet sure where to cut).

And I'm still not sure how to get a usable transcode to MPEG4.


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