[mythtv-users] xawtv / motv show blue, mythtv shows green static

Courtland Jones courtland.jones at gmail.com
Sat Oct 30 01:20:07 UTC 2004

Well, I did figure my own particular problem out, and I learned a few
things, and I will share them with you all:
1.  It turns out I had been using a PAL tuner all along, and I didn't
know it. I have no idea how I wound up with a bt848 card with a PAL
Temic tuner on there, but there you have it.
2.  Even with the PAL tuner on there, I could get static, and some
green areas, usually some green stripes at the bottom of the picture.
3.  The reason that tvtime, xawtv and motv were showing me blue screen
where mythtv would actually show me the static was because (and this
is only an educated guess, mind you) was because they were ignoring
all channels that weren't tuning in properly. In other words, it
couldn't tune in on any picture on channel 3, so it would ignore that
and go to channel 4, rinse, repeat.
4.  Again, even with a PAL tuner I could still get proper NTSC
non-staticy video on my composite or S-Video ports, which is why I had
been assuming I had an NTSC tuner.
5.  I bought a new TV tuner card from Hauppage, and the chip now says
"Conexant" on there, so I assume it's a bt879. (bttv still works with
it, reports it as a "bt87x".)

I don't know anything about DVB-T cards, but I do recommend using
tvtime over xawtv or even motv. It gives you far more control over
your video capture card, easy-to use gui menu, very nice. Even has
channel controls, deinterlace modes, some filters to test things out
with, pretty cool.

I -just- got MythTV 100% working, recording shows (with audio! yay!)
and I am quite pleased with it. (OT: off to see Interpol live, yay.)

On Sat, 30 Oct 2004 01:09:38 +1000, Phill Edwards
<phill_edwards at hotmail.com> wrote:
> I had the blue screen problem because I was just running "xawtv". When I ran
> it as "xawtv -device /dev/video0" it all started coming together. Basically
> xawtv is sending your output to somewhere else which is why you're just
> seeing a blue screen.
> Regards,
> Phill
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> > Courtland, did you ever suss this out?  I am having similar issues
> > with my DVB-T card I think.  I just see a blue screen in xawtv.  I
> > don't know what this stuff is with "channels" but I have seen on the
> > web these huge files with config data in them.  Do you need that to
> > get BTTV running?
> >
> > I just wish I could see something to let me know I am getting closer :(
> >
> > Dave
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