[mythtv-users] OT: fc2 problem with 3 hd's

and anders at smiths.dk
Fri Oct 29 09:31:21 UTC 2004

I don't think that is the problem with this one.

I already have two maxtor diamondmax9 ata133 drives mounted.  I also 
had no problem adding a 70gb ibm, but the 120gb maxtor was a no go. I 
was just trying to also add the 120gb drive to make a file transfer 
In the end I had to do it over the network.

It could however be the mentioned PS problem and I'll give that a try 
when I find a quiet and good quality one.


On Oct 29, 2004, at 3:50 AM, Yan-Fa Li wrote:

> YUCK.  If that's the case, many manufacturers have a DOS based tool 
> which lets you set the maximum negotiated drive speed in the drive 
> itself.  I know for a fact Maxtor has such a tool and like the others 
> do to.
> Yan
> John Andersen wrote:
>> On Thursday 28 October 2004 02:55, anders smith wrote:
>>> I just encountered a problem yesterday where my otherwise well 
>>> working
>>> fc2/0.16/pvr250/wilsonet.com box based on a via c3 processor suddenly
>>> wouldn't get past 'starting system loger' during boot.
>>> The hd (maxtor 120gb diamondmax9) works fine in other myth box and 
>>> was
>>> registered by the bios in the new box, but... I tried with a IBM 
>>> 70gb hd
>>> and it booted fine...
>>> Any idea what is happening?
>>> The box has a c3 at 600mhz, s50mb ram, soyo 7vem MB...
>>> thanks
>>> anders
>> Some vintages of the Soyo Mobo can't handle drives that
>> require 100meg bus or 133meg bus, and are limited to
>> 33 and 66heb drives.  I had several Soyo based workstations
>> that we could not find slow enough drives for after a while.
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