[mythtv-users] Alternate IR receiver with PVR-x50

Jarod Wilson jcw at wilsonet.com
Fri Oct 29 04:01:37 UTC 2004

On Thursday 28 October 2004 20:44, Matthew Conway wrote:
> On Thu, 28 Oct 2004 16:48:58 -0700, Jarod Wilson <jcw at wilsonet.com> wrote:
> > On Thursday 28 October 2004 15:36, Matthew Conway wrote:
> > Sorry. On the bright side, the MCE USB receiver I have kicks the crap out
> > of the PVR-x50 dongle. Way better reception capabilities (range,
> > directionality, etc).
> Cool, I'll have to check it out - which one do you have, I don't see a
> reference to it anywhere in your guide (but I could be blind =)

I've got one that shipped with an HP XP MCE box. Not sure if you could buy one 
from HP or not. NewEgg carries a version of one that works just as well, but 
runs $30, since it includes the MCE remote.

Jarod C. Wilson, RHCE
jcw at wilsonet.com

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