[mythtv-users] Running into "prebuffering pause" a lot

Loren H. Burlingame there.can.be.only.two.apparently at gmail.com
Thu Oct 28 20:55:51 UTC 2004

This computer is running:

P3 500Mhz 256MB RAM
Voodoo3 video card
ESS Maestro2 sound card
ATI TV-Wonder VE
Gentoo 2.6.9-nitro2
fluxbox WM

The MySQL server is running on another computer.

I am able to record and play back shows just fine. I just cannot play
live tv without it pausing every 1-2 seconds.

I have scoured message boards and have found people with similar
problems though no real resolutions.

Just curious if this hardware is too slow to run live tv? (tvtime
works just fine and I can watch dvds and other movies with no problem)

Loren H. Burlingame <loren at lhb.name>
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