[mythtv-users] Mandrake and little fonts

David George david at thegeorges.us
Thu Oct 28 18:12:42 UTC 2004

On 10/28/2004 1:02 PM, Ben Brown wrote:

>I've installed Myth on mandrake 10.1, but all of the fonts are smaller than
>they should be.  I've been searching the archives for a few days now.  I've
>made sure that myth was set to big font.  I've installed the MS Core Fonts
>and the 100dpi fonts.  I still get little squishy fonts on the many of the
>Myth pages.  It's most noticeable on the Watch Recordings/Delete Recordings
>screen.  The listing of programs looks really bad.  Anybody know what I'm
Search for DisplaySize in the archives and see if that helps.


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