Fwd: Re: [mythtv-users] License FOLLOW-UP

Asciimonster asciimonster at myrealbox.com
Thu Oct 28 15:55:24 UTC 2004

John Dickson wrote:

>Since it is based on hardware encoding and ivtv drivers I not sure there is a concern with mp3/DVD libraries??. I am just using it to capture a/v, move it from the Myth-box to another workstation for edit/encoding.
Ok. let's call 'hostile witness' here.

First, why would you need myth to record? Couldn't you use any other 
programme that grabs info from the PVR card? Oh heck why not do:
~> cat /dev/video0 > myfile.mpg
In other words: what's the added value of myth?

Second, why don't you use myths editiing and transcoding tools? if you 
are only editing out commercials or other light editing work, Myth, 
together with the nuvextract programme, is all you need.

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