[mythtv-users] Problem with backend/frontend on same machine

PAUL WILLIAMSON pwilliamson at mandtbank.com
Thu Oct 28 01:15:42 UTC 2004

After working on a new build for myth, I finalkly have something 
that I can use to watch videos, listen to music, and view pictures.
Now I just need to get my livetv and recording working.

Using FC2, ATrpms, Jarod's guide, lirc, plus a bunch of other stuff
(most notably a pvr-250 and 440mx), I can't seem to get live tv to work.
When I tried the capture video from the command prompt, I get some
horizontal alignment (like the h-hold is way over to one side) so all I
see is 
what looks like a really twisted picture in mplayer.  If I switch to
another -p 
setting, I get a blank, totally black signal.  Since Jarod mentioned
this could be
controlled in .16 (what I'm using), I wasn't too worried about it.  I
don't see any 
way to change that setting.  I have the input pointing to tuner 0, and
when I 
select Watch TV, I get a blank screen and no sound, and after 5 seconds
or so, 
I get popped back to the main screen.  Back on the command line for the
session that 
called mythfrontend, I get this:

2004-10-27 21:00:54 Connecting to backend server:
(try 1 of 5)
2004-10-27 21:01:02 ReadStringList timeout (quick).
2004-10-27 21:01:02 Unexpected response to MYTH_PROTO_VERSION:
2004-10-27 21:01:02 Changing from None to None

I looked in the archives and only found two references to
neither of which described the problem I'm having.  Where should I look?
On my previous install (back on .14, built from scratch), I didn't have
problem.  Then again, I had a whole lot more time to fiddle with
tweaking the 

Thanks, and awesome project.  Isaac and the rest of the crew are to be 


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