[mythtv-users] Confused about TV-out and Pundit-R

Steven mythmail at richardstraat.homedns.org
Wed Oct 27 18:13:51 UTC 2004

Op wo, 27-10-2004 te 18:48 +0200, schreef j2:
> I have a Pundit-R, and i have been reading stuff like
> http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/mythtv/users/86215?
> search_string=pundit-r;#86215
> Now, my TV.out seem to be working nicely straight out of the box. I
> set the BIOS to "CRT only", and booted it. And so fa ri have video..
> albeit a bit "fuzzy". 

Actually, CRT is a VGA monitor. You are seeing something on your tv
because the pc automaticly detects that you have a tv connected.
> Now, i am planning on purchasing a PVR-350, when they are available
> around here,  and using that for TV out. 
> So, what do i _need_ to do with my Pundit-R to have a pleasent
> MythTV-experience? ANd why is my TV-out working under X without any
> fancy drivers installed?

What you are seeing is tvout trough the framebuffer video driver. This
works fine to get your desktop on your tvout but doesn't have
accellerated (Xv) output that is needed for video playback.
To use your pundit-r with mythtv you will need the binary ati driver
(actually the previous one and do some hex editting to get the tvout
Or you could get the PVR350 as you mention and use that tvout. That will
also need some tweaking to get it working and for now you can't use the
PVR350 tvout to get decent DVD or divx playback.

> Also, the pundit-R BIOS has an output option of "RGB". Is it possible
> to actually get a RGB-output from the box?
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