[mythtv-users] Confused about TV-out and Pundit-R

j2 spamfilter2 at mupp.net
Wed Oct 27 16:48:25 UTC 2004

I have a Pundit-R, and i have been reading stuff like

Now, my TV.out seem to be working nicely straight out of the box. I set the BIOS to "CRT only", and booted it. And so fa ri have video.. albeit a bit "fuzzy". 

Now, i am planning on purchasing a PVR-350, when they are available around here,  and using that for TV out. 

So, what do i _need_ to do with my Pundit-R to have a pleasent MythTV-experience? ANd why is my TV-out working under X without any fancy drivers installed?

Also, the pundit-R BIOS has an output option of "RGB". Is it possible to actually get a RGB-output from the box?
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